A recap of my life’s recent events:

* I am currently EMPLOYED!!!! I try not to bring up too many personal details, but this is a BIG deal. And when I say BIG I mean, I smile more, emotionally eat less (thus I have eliminated some excess poundage), and that feeling of butterflies with teeth gnawing at my insides has now desisted. I absolutely love my new BIG GIRL job. I have my own cubicle – with my name on it!!!!, a name badge with a free train and bus pass, and the very best part of it all? I have now come to a solid belief in prayers and that they are heard. Although I have had much love and support, these last 5 months have not been the most pleasant. Lots of tears, doubt, and 20 plus interviews. It now makes perfect sense to me why the sobbing and wailing to my mom about my latest post job interview rejection was necessary. My perfect job was on its way. If I ever had any doubts before, I now know that the Lord hears me. My heart is so full right now. I walk down the halls of my office grinning because I feel so so so blessed.

  • My favorite quote that I probably recite to myself subconsciously is “Everyday do something that scares you. ” And recently I’ve had this gnawing fear in the back of my mind. Its something along the lines of


fearoffailuregetinthewayofthethingsIlove!” (try reading that!)

But simply stated, sometimes you just have to MAKE YOURSELF go and do, no matter how sick to your stomach you feel.   So I took my friend’s – Jessica and Cameron’s engagement pictures! (which have never been easy for me) Way to kick fear in the face!

  • I’ve taken a few trips to Lagoon Amusement park over the last few months. First as a birthday present to my sister and another as a fun girls day with my little cousins. We won Smurfette dolls, shared funnel cake and got sopping wet from head to toe – about 4 times in a row. It makes me feel like a kid again!

  • I’ve decided that I MUST participate in one of these before I leave this life!

The Kartchners

Aren’t they both so lovely and HAPPY?


The big day has come and gone already! Carissa has now been a married woman for a few days now.



I feel a little bad that I don’t have many pictures to show for the wedding! I really tried hard to have it out at all times, but between being in many group pictures, and constantly filling sandwich trays at the reception it was a challenge! I wanted to take more detail shots of the cake, deserts, bouquets – and of course the bride and groom – but thats why they hired a photographer. Whew!




I came home today (MY apartment now) from hanging out with a friend, and found her sitting in her walk in closet giggling with two of her friends/bridesmaids.

I assume they were taking break from cleaning/moving things over to her new place.

I took great satisfaction in ordering her in a booming voice: “Go home to your husband!” It was pretty funny.


Congratulations, Carissa & Josh! I love you both.



A Little Break

Here is one picture. Its one of my favorites. The rest are a surprise. I’m glad I was able to take a quick vacay and take engagement photos for Carissa and Josh. They are so happy together…..sometimes too happy (I think it was more of a trial to get them to smile at each other instead of pulling silly, monsterous faces in order to get reactions out of each other). But altogether we had lots of fun!

Alright….I can’t help myself – here are some others:


Having fun with the sista! There’s this field next to our house that I absolutely love and I finally got up the courage to ask permission to take pictures on it. I love fields. I love the sense of space.

Its been raining for a month straight. Not even kidding. I was happy about it in the beginning…

Jennifer & Aaron

Congratulations, Jennifer and Aaron!

The whole time I was taking these I kept thinking of some lyrics: “I wanna be your last, first kiss that you’ll ever have..” cheesy, I know. but its true.

You are by far one of the cutest couples I’ve EVER seen.