I Love Easter!

I used to pull these little guys out of my mom’s easter decorations when I was little. She’d tell me that she would search the house and find them in my little doll house or windowsill. I think I felt like I was 3 again cause I found myself, once again, playing with these little chicks.

April is my favorite time of year. There’s so many wonderful things about it. My birthday is just one of them. It’s the hope that better and warmer weather is on its way, buds on branches, color bursting forth from the ground, and the air is just sweeter.

Easter has always been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember.

Easter egg hunts in full snow gear, and trudging through knee-deep snow banks is just one of the wonderful childhood memories. The joys of growing up in Alaska!

Another was bringing down the Easter decorations from the attic. I don’t think there was anything more exciting in the world as my 5 year old self, with trembling hands, revealed my… sock bunny family. They were my little friends I had the privilege of entertaining for about a few weeks till the boxes returned back to the attic

But of course Easter is so much more than the annual hype of Resse’s Peanut butter eggs. We should all know better than that!

Richard G. Scott said it perfectly:“Easter is a time of healing – Oh, how we need His [Christ’s] healing.”

Happy Easter, world!


Since There’s No Place To Go…..

Ummm….”frightful” is hardly the word I would use to describe the weather. How about horrifying? gastly? hiddeous? monstrous?

Yeah – I like monstrous. Thats only 13 degrees below, folks.

I opened the back door to set some drinks out to chill before dinner. My hands were slightly wet from just washing my hands, I set the bottles in the snow, lost my balance and grasped the door to catch myself. I instantly felt my hand fuse to the frosted metal door – so I quickly yanked my hand free and let out a painful yelp as I saw a patch of my flesh left behind. Jack Frost is a MONSTER!

On a happier note: Merry Christmas, world! There’s a Christmas song ( I can’t remember the name) that goes: “Its that time of year when the world falls in love…” So very true. There is cheer everywhere you go. I love how this time of year helps my appreciation grow for the Savior as we celebrate his birth. I was listening to the line in Silent Night “Holy infant so tender and mild, sleep in heavenly peace…” I try to imagine how adorable his lil’ face must have been. I also wonder about the star that shined that night. Most people know how obsessed I am with constellations and planetariums – I wish I could have seen it!

So once again – Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!!

Some Rudolph cookies I made – very fun to make and give away to friends! It’s just a regular old peanut butter cookie recipe. As you pull them out of the oven, be quick to put the eyes, nose, and antlers on the cookie – otherwise they wont stay put. Make sure you buy the mini chocolate chips for the eyes, and experiment with the different ways you can cut the pretzels up to make various shaped antlers!  Happy holiday baking!

Living in a Winter Wonderland.

Woah! Three blog entries in ONE week. Uncanny! My only explanation for it: This time of year INSPIRES me in every way possible. From the ornaments on the tree, to the glittering frost on the evergreens in my yard. If you’ve been dying to experience firsthand the song “Winter Wonderland” , just spend a Christmas with me in Alaska.

I’ve been playing Christmas songs on my harmonica. A few months ago I decided to pick up a few new hobbies. I asked my Dad where I could get a harmonica, and he gave me two from his boy scout days. My first song I planned to learn was “Moon River”  – and I can play it now. Horray!

Other random Christmas thoughts:

  • I can’t help but feel a little like a jerk whenever I hear “Last Christmas” on the radio. I feel like it’s directed at me. I broke up with someone last Christmas.
  • I’m happy those lil’ Clemintine oranges are in season! I always get tons of them in my stocking and I save the “lil’ cutie” stickers from them and stick them on friend’s and family member’s foreheads.

“Great Bouncing Icebergs!”

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a movie when you realize “This is far too scary to watch…..look away!” But you absolutely  for the life of you CANNOT tear your eyes from the screen?

I know this feeling all too well. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was my first movie to experience this. I was 2. The narrator, Sam the Snowman, was usually good at warning me when the abominable snow monster was approaching (which involved him shuddering and shielding himself with his umbrella). I had it down to a science when to grab my pillow, stuffed animal camel, and get us to the safety of the kitchen. There I would peek around the corner and continue to watch in terror – but just from a cautious distance.

You want to see for yourself? I’ve got a video. (Enjoy laughing at my bowl cut and pop-belly because I sure do.)

Its a tradition I’m not about to stop. I just watched it yesterday.  Deep down there’s a part of me that wants to hide under my blanket when I hear the bumble’s vicious roar.

I never realized until just the other day how much of a tool Santa is in that movie! He shuns Rudolph when he finds out his little disguise nose is in fact, false – AND in front of all his reindeer peers. Thus causing endless torment until he runs away and nearly dies several times. What seems like an eternity later, Rudolph finally returns home. Christmas is going to be cancelled – Oh NO! :

Santa: “Meh – oh hey Rudolph, long time no see….I’m too busy worrying about how to save Christmas ……*Rudolph’s nose keeps flashing in Santa’s face*……..”Rudolph please, would you stop – I mean, its just THAT nose of yours”….*Light blub goes off* – (I mean) That beautiful, wonderful nose!!!!!”

And the rest is history. And the moral of the story, children: Santa is a user.

(Okay- at least in this version he is…)

Happy Christmasing!