Bundle of JOY!



I am now an auntie! Let the cuddling, kissing, spoiling, baby-talking, and constant photo taking commence. I love this little girl so much  – sometimes I feel like my heart could burst. She has such distinctive facial expressions for such a tiny little gal. Her favorite one to pull is an inquisitive little scowl. I break out laughing every she does it. I love leaning back into a recliner, and resting her on her tummy on my chest – she snuggles right up and lets out adorable little snores and grunts. And there really isn’t anything better than the new baby hair smell. I call her “bright eyes” – when she decides to open them they sure are wide. I think they are blue…I’ve heard infant eye colors change. I don’t even know what else to say, I think I am realizing how much of a miracle babies are – such tiny, dependent, precious newcomers.


Since it seems to be a trend that I post on this blog biannually, I might as well type until I’ve had my fill. You may not hear from me until 2014.