October 2012, already?!

Fall has arrived! I love everything about this time of year – the sweatshirts, scarves, pumpkin & spice smells, SOUP! (thats all I seem to crave for lunch at work) and the biting chill in the morning which is remedied by a warm car ride into work.

Actually, that brings up a tender subject. My car actually took a serious beating two weeks ago. Some scum bag hit my little Yaris whilst I was sleeping, and drove off either extremely inebriated or completely  devoid of a conscience. So while I am waiting for the $9,000 worth of ordered parts to be installed  – I’ve been taking advantage of the very efficient and eco friendly option of  riding the bus and walking.

But this has actually been a VERY GOOD THING for me. It has given me chances to notice the little joys of fall – such as the crunching leaves, walking while listening to such songs on my iPod that put me in a fall-ish sort of mood (not quite sure why old jazz does that to me?) and creative neighborhood halloween decor. Admiring all of these things actually prompted me to spend some serious time with my camera.  Prior to my car mishap I felt like my life was just the same old, same old, and lack luster. Its funny how the universe understood  and threw all this excitement into the mix.

Life’s been good though! I enjoyed myself at the downtown farmer’s market yesterday (featured are my Honey crisp apples I purchased – they were so fresh! )

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(….love you, Mom)