I Love Easter!

I used to pull these little guys out of my mom’s easter decorations when I was little. She’d tell me that she would search the house and find them in my little doll house or windowsill. I think I felt like I was 3 again cause I found myself, once again, playing with these little chicks.

April is my favorite time of year. There’s so many wonderful things about it. My birthday is just one of them. It’s the hope that better and warmer weather is on its way, buds on branches, color bursting forth from the ground, and the air is just sweeter.

Easter has always been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember.

Easter egg hunts in full snow gear, and trudging through knee-deep snow banks is just one of the wonderful childhood memories. The joys of growing up in Alaska!

Another was bringing down the Easter decorations from the attic. I don’t think there was anything more exciting in the world as my 5 year old self, with trembling hands, revealed my… sock bunny family. They were my little friends I had the privilege of entertaining for about a few weeks till the boxes returned back to the attic

But of course Easter is so much more than the annual hype of Resse’s Peanut butter eggs. We should all know better than that!

Richard G. Scott said it perfectly:“Easter is a time of healing – Oh, how we need His [Christ’s] healing.”

Happy Easter, world!


3 thoughts on “I Love Easter!

  1. Happy belated Easter to you! Those little chicks and Reese’s PB eggs are some of my favorite things about Easter as well

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