Commercial Faves: My Best of List

Sadly this will be a reflection of how much time I spend on the couch, but as of late, I heart commercials. Its also very odd to admit that you enjoy the time multimillion corporations rip you from your beloved tv shows in 10 minute increments and then proceed to trick you into the latest, greatest, and sometimes lamest things on the market (the shake weight, come on. and don’t even get me started on the latest Purina cat food and Arby’s commercials!)
So the various companies that have my fond attention should be extremely proud of themselves.

Whenever I see the lil’ AT&T monsters on commercial break I find myself nearly clapping my hands with child-like excitement. In terms of cuteness, its a toss up between the lil’ pink monster or the blue one…

I love some commercials solely for the music playing in the background.

Since I don’t have the “Shazzam” song finder app on my phone, I Google things like: “Song on Viagra commercial 2011”. Yeah… I actually did that. It was Muddy Water’s “Lightening”…..” in case anyone was wondering.

I’m currently in the attempt of playing this one by ear on the piano

Catchy tune. I do a little 30 second aerobic jig every time I hear it.  Daily Exercise?  check!

As much as I wish this song was not so widespread and excessively used (does that make me a hipster for saying that? I seriously loved this song before half the world knew about it! ) , I still enjoy it and the commercial.

And commercials brimming with originality and charm:

The best part about these old spice commercials? The ingenious creativity of it all.

I love Subarus and the idea of dogs driving them.

Thanks to this Egyptian cheese commercial I now know how to escape any  life threatening encounters with Panda bears

And last but not least, I love this Halloween commercial from 2010. My brother likes to walk around saying: “Let me help you” in perfect imitation.


2 thoughts on “Commercial Faves: My Best of List

    • I actually already can play that one! I wish I could show you :) and right around the 50 second mark, that’s where it gets a little tricky and I temporarily gave up. Maybe I’ll sit down an conquer it ;)

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