How spring-y of me

I reconvened with an old bestie of mine yesterday. We sat down and ate some California-ized Mexican food over the span of  2 hours. Its amazing how much diet coke I can consume over that period of time and my bladder not explode. Its something I cannot help – I have to get every delicious soda fountain drop possible from that $2.50 paper cup.

While we were talking and reminiscing  over the good ol’ days,  I started making a “Things I will never do again, and things I will do more of” list. Some things are simply acquired by coming of age, while others are from my own shameless absurdity. Maybe I’ll share it sometime.

Spring is here and that really does something for my sanity and soul.  Today I was so impatient for the buds on the cherry tree to open that I decided to climb on up and wait.  Warning: sitting in a tree and daydreaming can turn you into a character from Where the Wild Things Are.

While I was perched in my tree I met a little lady and asked if she wanted to stay.  She said she had better things to do.


And I do love hanging laundry on the line! Oh my goodness. It makes me feel so cheery? domestic? frugal? green? I think all of the above. Clothes pins are just about the cutest things ever made out of wood.



5 thoughts on “How spring-y of me

  1. Annalise!!! Your pictures are so gorgeous! And I’m not even necessarily one of those “appreciates photography” people. And I’m picky. And I think I kind of get you. Yah to a green spring and the smell of fresh laundry. At least we both have a yard to enjoy this spring even if that means you are stuck with the G ‘rents and I am stuck with the Crazies. Positive!

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  3. Hey, that lunch sounds a lot like ours ;) I can’t believe how amazing your pictures are! You are seriously gifted, can I book you for my baby portraits in the future??

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