Some things I have learned about love

  • When I look for love in unlikely places, I usually find it.
  • Smiling at strangers really helps brighten my dull mood days.
  • I’m learning its not selfish, but very important for me to put myself first. When I take care of my own happiness and needs – that love and happiness pours over into the lives I come in contact with.
  • If I walk with my head just a little higher than usual, I can see the world better (literally and metaphorically)
  •  Some thing I always noticed: in yoga (studio or DVD) the word “Namaste”  is said towards the end of the session.  I found out that in Sanskrit it’s translated: “The spirit in me sees the spirit in you”.
  • “Love comes when we least expect it, when we are not looking for it. Hunting for love never brings the right partner. It only creates longing and unhappiness. Love is never outside of ourselves; love is within us.” – David G.
  • I was venting to a wise co-worker a while back. I told her how I only believed I was beautiful when I looked in the bathroom mirror – but once I left the security of it I felt like this monstrous blob that everyone pretended to like. Due to this belief I would run to the bathroom multiple times throughout the day to check if I was still the same girl in the mirror. My co-worker set her paperwork down, took her glasses off and stared intensely at me. She said: “You are always going to be that monstrous blob until you see Annalise through God’s eyes”.

I Love Easter!

I used to pull these little guys out of my mom’s easter decorations when I was little. She’d tell me that she would search the house and find them in my little doll house or windowsill. I think I felt like I was 3 again cause I found myself, once again, playing with these little chicks.

April is my favorite time of year. There’s so many wonderful things about it. My birthday is just one of them. It’s the hope that better and warmer weather is on its way, buds on branches, color bursting forth from the ground, and the air is just sweeter.

Easter has always been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember.

Easter egg hunts in full snow gear, and trudging through knee-deep snow banks is just one of the wonderful childhood memories. The joys of growing up in Alaska!

Another was bringing down the Easter decorations from the attic. I don’t think there was anything more exciting in the world as my 5 year old self, with trembling hands, revealed my… sock bunny family. They were my little friends I had the privilege of entertaining for about a few weeks till the boxes returned back to the attic

But of course Easter is so much more than the annual hype of Resse’s Peanut butter eggs. We should all know better than that!

Richard G. Scott said it perfectly:“Easter is a time of healing – Oh, how we need His [Christ’s] healing.”

Happy Easter, world!

Conversations at a Beauty counter

Me: “Excuse me, do you sell any peel off masks?”

*Shanna, a middle aged Caucasian woman looks up from the shelf where she’s stocking product*

Shanna: “Um….? what do you mean?”

Me: “You know, you put them on your face, they dry fairly fast and then you PEEL them OFF? Gets rid of dry skin?”

(geeze, it looks like I’m doing a great job at selling this product to myself)

Shanna: “Oh. Those. Well here’s one. * she hands me a small tube of orangish looking gel labeled $50.00 *  ” But the only other one I can think if is the “Black Mask””

Me:  “black mask?”

Shanna:   “Yes.  Hey SHAWN !!!”

 *She yells towards the back of the store*

*in walks an attractive affrican american guy*

                “Show her the “Black Mask””

Shawn: “OH. I get it. Get ME to advertise the black mask….” (in a slightly annoyed tone)

I force some awkward laughter as I look at the sleek black tube he hands me.

I quickly scan through the ingredients and then squeeze a little on my finger to test the consistency. Out oozes this heavy, jet black  slimy sludge which causes me to exclaim: “WOAH!”

Shawn: “Wha?”

Me: “THATs……”   *I was searching for the right word, disgusted by the texture, but completely caught off guard by the unusual appearance for a facial product.

“Thats really BLACK! I guess I was just expecting it to be  white…..”

I trailed off as the reality of my words left me  dumb as a mime while I started waving my hands around in an attempt to apologetically backpedal.

Oh no. This. isn’t. HAPPENING!  Its like one of those dramatic slow motion sequences  in movies, each of my words are coming out far too slow as his eyebrows are slanting downward even faster.

Shawn: “What’s wrong with BLACK?!!?”

I honestly cannot recall what came out of my mouth next.  “Eeeeek!”

I’d like to think it was something like: “Oh this mask looks so lovely and unique but I don’t think it’s what I’m looking for.”

Instead I think it sounded close to: “Oh, no…you see lots of masks like people with different skin colors I like masks and black and white ones and people too…are you going to hurt me?”

“All the World’s a birthday cake….

….So take a piece, but not too much”

– George Harrison

 April 9th, 2011 

Day # 9,131 of my lovely and fortunate existence:

I sat up. yawned. rubbed my eyes. stood up. did my routine “rawrrrr” sound as I stretch and do some conglomeration of a yoga pose.

Then  in my head I hear:  “(na na na na na na) You say it’s your birthday It’s my birthday too–yeah!”

I instantly grin and do a little jig, which is cut short when my eyes behold NOT the expected beams of sunshine and flitting sparrows – but flakes of SNOW.

I stare at a select few flakes, hoping that my slight rage will melt them. Nothing.

So I cope. Its something I’m actually quite good at. Its just not something I feel that I should have to do on MY DAY. There are  few things in my life that I feel as strongly about now that I did at the age of 3, and April 9th is one of those.

Its a day where my mom gets out the birthday table cloth, hangs up the birthday banner on the wall, and stacks my gifts alongside the cake she finished while I was sleeping.  I miss those days.

But I still find every possible opportunity to shamelessly blurt out “It’s my birthday!!!!!!”

It was a great day. Carissa and I went to the Bijou Market, craft fair. It was so full of lovely creations of paper, fabric, antique metals, and glass. I nearly bought a lamp which the lamp shade was covered in worn, yellowed novel pages. I ended up buying some more of these adorable earrings. We have great memories of flea markets and craft fairs and I think it was just the thing we needed.

What’s the next best thing to do on a day solely devoted to ME? Eat cake of course. I had heard marvelous things about “Cupcake Chic” in Orem and I figured it was a perfect time to explore it. We bought a dozen and shared them amongst friends. Oh – and they are by far the BEST cake I have ever eaten in my life! ( ‘cept yours Ma’!)

Flavors? Coconut, Peanut Butter, Strawberry Vanilla, Red Velvet, and German Chocolate.

I also got an iPhone 3G S. I’m pretty happy about that. Now I’m one of those cool people on the AT&T ads.

I can physically feel this birthday.    25 .    That’s 1/4th of a century! Yikes. I think I better start writing up my bucket list!

I look at my hands. They look the same as though I was 15. And still no wrinkles.

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes, everyone!

Commercial Faves: My Best of List

Sadly this will be a reflection of how much time I spend on the couch, but as of late, I heart commercials. Its also very odd to admit that you enjoy the time multimillion corporations rip you from your beloved tv shows in 10 minute increments and then proceed to trick you into the latest, greatest, and sometimes lamest things on the market (the shake weight, come on. and don’t even get me started on the latest Purina cat food and Arby’s commercials!)
So the various companies that have my fond attention should be extremely proud of themselves.

Whenever I see the lil’ AT&T monsters on commercial break I find myself nearly clapping my hands with child-like excitement. In terms of cuteness, its a toss up between the lil’ pink monster or the blue one…

I love some commercials solely for the music playing in the background.

Since I don’t have the “Shazzam” song finder app on my phone, I Google things like: “Song on Viagra commercial 2011”. Yeah… I actually did that. It was Muddy Water’s “Lightening”…..” in case anyone was wondering.

I’m currently in the attempt of playing this one by ear on the piano

Catchy tune. I do a little 30 second aerobic jig every time I hear it.  Daily Exercise?  check!

As much as I wish this song was not so widespread and excessively used (does that make me a hipster for saying that? I seriously loved this song before half the world knew about it! ) , I still enjoy it and the commercial.

And commercials brimming with originality and charm:

The best part about these old spice commercials? The ingenious creativity of it all.

I love Subarus and the idea of dogs driving them.

Thanks to this Egyptian cheese commercial I now know how to escape any  life threatening encounters with Panda bears

And last but not least, I love this Halloween commercial from 2010. My brother likes to walk around saying: “Let me help you” in perfect imitation.

How spring-y of me

I reconvened with an old bestie of mine yesterday. We sat down and ate some California-ized Mexican food over the span of  2 hours. Its amazing how much diet coke I can consume over that period of time and my bladder not explode. Its something I cannot help – I have to get every delicious soda fountain drop possible from that $2.50 paper cup.

While we were talking and reminiscing  over the good ol’ days,  I started making a “Things I will never do again, and things I will do more of” list. Some things are simply acquired by coming of age, while others are from my own shameless absurdity. Maybe I’ll share it sometime.

Spring is here and that really does something for my sanity and soul.  Today I was so impatient for the buds on the cherry tree to open that I decided to climb on up and wait.  Warning: sitting in a tree and daydreaming can turn you into a character from Where the Wild Things Are.

While I was perched in my tree I met a little lady and asked if she wanted to stay.  She said she had better things to do.


And I do love hanging laundry on the line! Oh my goodness. It makes me feel so cheery? domestic? frugal? green? I think all of the above. Clothes pins are just about the cutest things ever made out of wood.