The Kartchners

Aren’t they both so lovely and HAPPY?


The big day has come and gone already! Carissa has now been a married woman for a few days now.



I feel a little bad that I don’t have many pictures to show for the wedding! I really tried hard to have it out at all times, but between being in many group pictures, and constantly filling sandwich trays at the reception it was a challenge! I wanted to take more detail shots of the cake, deserts, bouquets – and of course the bride and groom – but thats why they hired a photographer. Whew!




I came home today (MY apartment now) from hanging out with a friend, and found her sitting in her walk in closet giggling with two of her friends/bridesmaids.

I assume they were taking break from cleaning/moving things over to her new place.

I took great satisfaction in ordering her in a booming voice: “Go home to your husband!” It was pretty funny.


Congratulations, Carissa & Josh! I love you both.




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