Today’s little joys….


My current goal is to enjoy life in the present moment. Well, when you think about it,the present moment is really all we have. Its what makes up all of the little pieces of our past and what will eventually create our future. Amazing thought!


So I’m dedicating this blog post to things that are currently making me happy!




Since I’ve returned to SLC and have been actively pursuing work, I’ve been spending lots of time with my sister and her nanny child :) We have had some fun adventures so far. Wendy’s drive through has become a regular part of our routine as of late. I cannot believe I can get a bowl of chili and a small frosty for less than 2 bucks!!! Its almost magical! (I’m used to AK prices, okay?) Saving $ also makes me mucho happy.

Here’s lil’ miss silly-pants:






I won a contest! I won a cute pair of  “madebyjewls” earrings. I got a few pairs of her earrings for Christmas last year and they are now the most used pieces of jewelry I own. You have to understand HOW big of a deal that is for me. I rarely wear jewelry. I’m a very basic girl. I always prefer flats over high heels, scented lotion over perfume – and I have never been a dangly or big hoops wearer. Thats just not me.

But I can’t get enough of these adorable lil’ button earrings. I want a pair to match every outfit I own! I now have 8 pairs…..again – thats a big deal for a girl like me :) I won the little birdie pair through a “name game” she does on her facebook page (add her and win!) I suggested that she name them “Sweet Sparrow”.


I’m totally going to wear the red/white polka-heart ones on Valentines day!



Another thing that has been making me happy : my new ringtone

I really dislike phones. And I don’t think that my relationship with them would improve even if I upgraded my crummy lil’ Samsung to a Droid or an iPone. I have telephon-a-phobia! I realized one day that when my cell phone went off, that I instantly cringed, my heart quickened, and my hands got all clammy. ‘Geeze, Annalise – its a cell phone! Not your first middle school dance!’

Simply put, my phone now emits happiness and joy. Take a listen.





I’m kind of a junkie for Priscilla Ahn’s voice. I don’t know what else to say about it besides it always cheers me.

I found out she’s singing at Sundance tomorrow. Dang it! I knew I should have gone this year!

Here’s a cover she sang of The Beatle’s “Julia”. I can’t stop listening to it! I think she serenades sweeter than Lennon did in the original version. (although I do respect the fact he wrote it in memory of his mother.)

video quality is poor and shakey, but gorgeous song regardless





I kept humming “Good Day Sunshine” and “Here comes the Sun” as I was eating my grapefruit this morning. I guess that’s my subconscious’s way of celebrating its citrusy awesomeness.

I bought a huge bag of them for $2.50!!! and I’ve eaten one every morning for the past week and a half!



Its gonna be a great day!!!






One thought on “Today’s little joys….

  1. I hear ya sister. I was just thinking that last night. I HAVE to take joy in the journey. And my life IS good. The only problem is, i don’t think I ever have…

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