Ring in 2011!

A wonderful phrase that was told to me by my good friend, Kaye. I love analogies, and I love apples. I eat one nearly every day. I’m experiencing a lot of changes in my life right now though. I’m sure they may seem insignificant to others….but change and I haven’t gotten along – as the British say, swimmingly.



I want to learn to embrace and welcome uncertainty with open arms. I want to learn to adapt and stretch in new experiences – like a Gumby doll.



Right now I am at a point in my life where ANYTHING can happen. Its scary – but I am starting to realize what a GREAT gift it is. There’s a phrase: “Dwell in Possibility” that I’ve been repeating to myself over and over. Its like my daily mantra. Those are 3 VERY POWERFUL words. It sounds like a command!



I have  tunnel vision when I drive. (maybe that should be a new year resolution!) Blocking my peripheral vision and focusing on just what’s dead ahead of me can be hazardous and fatal. Unfortunately, I find that this way of thinking carries over into my view of life and choices I make. Oft times I feel like there is only ONE option out there, and only ONE way to accomplish it  and that any other ideas (or possibilities) are distractions and should be blocked out of view.  That’s why I’m changing this mentality now.



“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” – Margaret Drabble


I love starting over and re-committing to things. A brand new year is exciting. Its fun to see how much I’ve changed since Jan 1, 2010 and reflect on all the lessons I’ve learned.
Happy 2011!




One thought on “Ring in 2011!

  1. life’s a journey, sing it
    life’s a garden, dig it
    life’s an apple, bite it
    life’s a tidal wave, ride it
    you know… etc… i agree, it is encouraging to if you look back a full year. it’s like, you’re supposed to take the future one moment at a time, but if you want to see encouraging progress from the past, looking back a year is better than a day? I hope you’ll have fun appreciating and enjoying what life hands you.. moment to moment… SUCCULENT

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