Since There’s No Place To Go…..

Ummm….”frightful” is hardly the word I would use to describe the weather. How about horrifying? gastly? hiddeous? monstrous?

Yeah – I like monstrous. Thats only 13 degrees below, folks.

I opened the back door to set some drinks out to chill before dinner. My hands were slightly wet from just washing my hands, I set the bottles in the snow, lost my balance and grasped the door to catch myself. I instantly felt my hand fuse to the frosted metal door – so I quickly yanked my hand free and let out a painful yelp as I saw a patch of my flesh left behind. Jack Frost is a MONSTER!

On a happier note: Merry Christmas, world! There’s a Christmas song ( I can’t remember the name) that goes: “Its that time of year when the world falls in love…” So very true. There is cheer everywhere you go. I love how this time of year helps my appreciation grow for the Savior as we celebrate his birth. I was listening to the line in Silent Night “Holy infant so tender and mild, sleep in heavenly peace…” I try to imagine how adorable his lil’ face must have been. I also wonder about the star that shined that night. Most people know how obsessed I am with constellations and planetariums – I wish I could have seen it!

So once again – Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!!

Some Rudolph cookies I made – very fun to make and give away to friends! It’s just a regular old peanut butter cookie recipe. As you pull them out of the oven, be quick to put the eyes, nose, and antlers on the cookie – otherwise they wont stay put. Make sure you buy the mini chocolate chips for the eyes, and experiment with the different ways you can cut the pretzels up to make various shaped antlers!  Happy holiday baking!


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