Living in a Winter Wonderland.

Woah! Three blog entries in ONE week. Uncanny! My only explanation for it: This time of year INSPIRES me in every way possible. From the ornaments on the tree, to the glittering frost on the evergreens in my yard. If you’ve been dying to experience firsthand the song “Winter Wonderland” , just spend a Christmas with me in Alaska.

I’ve been playing Christmas songs on my harmonica. A few months ago I decided to pick up a few new hobbies. I asked my Dad where I could get a harmonica, and he gave me two from his boy scout days. My first song I planned to learn was “Moon River”  – and I can play it now. Horray!

Other random Christmas thoughts:

  • I can’t help but feel a little like a jerk whenever I hear “Last Christmas” on the radio. I feel like it’s directed at me. I broke up with someone last Christmas.
  • I’m happy those lil’ Clemintine oranges are in season! I always get tons of them in my stocking and I save the “lil’ cutie” stickers from them and stick them on friend’s and family member’s foreheads.


4 thoughts on “Living in a Winter Wonderland.

  1. haha oh i love you! you’re writing is really romantic…not in a gag me mushy way but it has a sense of romance to it. You have a tallent for this! I can’t wait to be home and spend christmas in my winter wonderland! love ya!

  2. Very nice! I miss Alaska, that’s definitely a winter wonderland…so beautiful. Hey, remember when we were walking to your house after school from the bus stop durin winter and you were trying to explain to me what a moose was? That was my first winter in Alaska and it was so nice, I love walking in snow and looking out for the moose-the half horse half cow breed (according to you)!!

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