I am now CPC certified! (Certified Professional Coder)

After last Saturday of 6 non-stop hours of grueling testing, (with a 30 second bathroom break) it felt like my poor lil’ brain had just finished a MARATHON and it was huffing, puffing, and gasping for breath. I wasn’t even thrilled about the fact that my Mom was going to treat me out to a victory lunch. I felt THAT defeated of energy. But I did it! Thank you to everyone who has built me up, telling me “You can do it” , “Carpe Diem” and things of that sort.

Here’s a song that I love that was my “you-can-do-this” mantra that kept playing through my mind durring the exam. Click here


…along with a little nail biting. (heh, heh.)


4 thoughts on “I AM CONQUEROR!

  1. I knew you would pass! You do excellent at anything you put your mind to and always have! I love you and i’m so happy for you! NOW GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE!

  2. Annalise, you are awesome! You were such a great student, I knew you would conquer that exam, no sweat. Way to go, girl!

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