Sweet Sunday

Spending a lazy sunday with my doggy. Oh how I love him.

Its fun to pretend like there’s something in the forrest and exclaim: “OH! GO GET IT!”. He falls for it every time. He thinks he’s such a ferocious beast. He really is though. He’s the only poodle I know of that goes rabbit, squirrel, and spruce hen hunting. Oh, and something we discovered about him recently… he absolutely LOVES eating dandelions (when they’ve turned to seeds – not when they’re yellow). We couldn’t stop laughing. I picked about 8 of them and he just kept mowing them down like they were doggy treats. Silly pup.

This weekend Richard, Dad, and I stumbled across some old treasures (at least I think they’re treasures). Old dial telephones, cool glass bottles, old school stereos, umbrellas, ect.  I found this old polaroid which had been collecting dust for at least 25 years. I’m skeptical if I’d ever use it. I’ve always wanted a polaroid though.


One thought on “Sweet Sunday

  1. That’s fantastic! It’s a cool antique decoration if you don’t use it, but it’d be interesting to see what it would produce. Does your dog get a crazy wild look in his eye when he’s acting the beast? That’s what my cats do.

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