Gone Fishin’

Dad and I went fishing this morning at Kasilof beach. Actually let me clarify. I don’t fish. My job usually involves walking alongside the beach while keeping a close eye on Dad and his net. And at the first signs of struggle, I rush down to the shore with my handy lead pipe and club them to death. (Its really not as terrible as it sounds) It was a slow day for salmon due to the commercial fisherman being in the vicinity for the past few days – so I had a chance to have some fun with my camera and play on the beach!

Its a creeper seagull! Look at his unsuspecting friend!        These italian guys kept floating up and down the river going: “Here feeshy, feeshy!”

While I was waiting for the fish to come rolling in I decided to do some beach combing.

Guess what? Nutritionists and many studies have proven that salmon caught in the Kenai waters of Alaska are the healthiest in the WORLD. Lucky us!


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