Rawwwr! Chocolate!

On a day where I really want to kick back and relax from a long days work, I tie my apron on and whip up a batch of zombie cupcakes.

Actually its Evan’s 19th birthday tomorrow. He likes chocolate cake and talking about the zombie apocalypse, so its a perfect combo. At his work he announced that his sister was going to make zombie cupcakes. He then came home and said, “Hey Annalise, you’re making zombie cupcakes for me.”

I like to think that each one has its own soul and personality. (Don’t they look like the guys from “Plants vs. Zombies”? indeed they do.)

Iv’e really been terrible at taking pictures since I’ve been home. I might be going fishing tomorrow and will most definitely have to document that.

I wanted to take a picture of the sun “sort of” setting around midnight….but it was already hiding behind the trees by the time I grabbed the camera. Oh well.


One thought on “Rawwwr! Chocolate!

  1. chocolate has a soul. you should document alaska sun indeed, everyone down here thinks it’s wild and crazy, you’ll get blog hits.

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