Walking is therapy. It never gets old to me. It’s in the admiring the historic architecture downtown of the homes, small businesses, outdoor cafés, flower shops. I want to live in one of those antique looking studios with the terraces, old brick and winding staircases. In the beginning, all my attention seemed to be focused on the large disadvantage I was at for not having a car. I realize now all the beauty, inspiration, people I would have missed out on if I did have one. Just on my way walking here to the library I stopped to talk to a man and ask him what the breed was of his adorable pooch. Mixture of a malteese and poodle. Taking note of that…

A few days ago Carissa and I decided to go on an adventure downtown SLC purely on foot and bus. We went to a flea market, which was full of amazing talent, art, and creativity. I love going to places that give me ideas and inspiration for my photos. It was on the corner of 9th east and 9th south. If you’ve never been there, check it out. Lots of fun things to discover in that vicinity. That’s Sugarhouse area, right?
We had fun walking along the sidewalks and taking ideas from all the homes we saw and customizing our own imaginary dream houses. We stopped by the nearest Smiths and bought a sorry substitute for lunch…chocolate covered peanuts and sour gummy worms. But as we were eating and sitting on the curb waiting for the bus, we saw an old man fastening up one of those child buggies to his ancient, rusted over bike. He then whistled towards his front porch and a little beagle/some sort of terrier mix came bounding towards him and jumped inside the buggie. Carissa and I just turned to each other: “Awwwww…!” We passed them several times as we were on the bus ride home, with the pup’s little tongue hanging out in excitement, with squinty eyes from the wind.


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