Dear Feng Shui…I need you!

Dear Feng Shui,

I’ve been sleeping on the couch for most nights within these past few weeks because I don’t want to face what’s behind my bedroom door.

But I can say that I’ve discovered a streak of creativity due to my situation – I’ve found that a t-shirt can easily take the place of a pillowcase (shown above)

Bottom line is – I need some intervention here. That whole “spiritual flow of heaven, harmony, and peace into one’s habitation” deal (thanks to wikipedia) sounds like a grand idea right about now. However I have a sinking feeling that until I learn to do laundry before I have a closet full of bare hangers, you really won’t do me any good. But I just finished 3 large loads and FOLDED everything. So I’ve got potential, right?


(I miss my old blue room back home every DAY!)


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