Happy Birthday, Carissa!

How lucky am I to have a sister and a best friend all in one? It was our first celebration of her birthday away from home, so I made a special effort to make it memorable.

I wanted to take some cool pictures of her blowing her candles. It was 6:30 in the afternoon too much light was pouring into the living room and kitchen. I did my classic opener: “So I know this may sound crazy, but I think….” . She just laughed at me and agreed. We sat in her dark, tiny closet stuffed full of clothes and shoes and lit her candles. I then proceeded to sing happy birthday in a million different impersonations, foreign accents, and psychotic laughter all while taking pictures of it all. I don’t think anyone will ever know how fun birthday celebrations can be in small stuffy closets until they experience it firsthand.
Oh. And between the just us two, we ate the entire cake within a day. We are cake monsters.

My very talented grandma helped me make a memory board as her present. She gave me little sewing lessons here and there. It turned out beautifully and I couldn’t have done it without her help. Just a little tribute to our sisterhood. (Click for a better look).


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