Good Day, Sunshine!

Glorious sunshine was pouring through my bedroom window at 7:30 am. I peeked through the blinds for a better look to find the dawn glow making the blossoming trees look like a heavenly pinkish dream. All I could think was “This morning can NOT be wasted!” So I ran into Carissa’s bedroom and declared: “Wake up! We are going on an adventure! I say we go on a quest – on foot – to the nearest Jamba!” It took a little coaxing, but once we walked out the door, smelt the sweet air, and felt the sun’s warmth we were very pleased with our decision. Everything was all too perfect, and all I could think was:

“How can I NOT be a morning person?”

Jamba Juice. Instant sip-able happiness. I call it “edible sunshine”. We sat under an umbrella outside the store and drank in the beauty of it all.
We’ve decided morning adventures are magical and much more are soon to come.


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